IIoT Solutions

IIoT Solutions for Connected Operations, Connected Products, Industry 4.0

  • Connected Operations
    • Plant Monitoring
    • Utility Monitoring
    • Asset Track and Trace System 
    • Asset Monitoring and Control System  
    • Smart Lighting Management  
 Plant Monitoring

Plant Monitoring System helps manufacturing Organizations to increase margins, improve operational transparency and reduce compliance risks.Further, by monitoring Power Meters improve Power consumption (Kwh) by displaying and controlling Power Factor in real time.

Utility Monitoring

Utility Monitoring System uses real time generation and consumption data to optimize the usage of compressed air, gas and fuel distribution

Asset Track and Trace Monitoring

Vehicle Tracking System
Vehicle Tracking System helps organizations to reduce inter/intra plant transport costs by GPS enable tracking of vehicles

Workforce Tracking System
Workforce Tracking System improves operational safety and security of organization by enforcing access policies through real time location tracking of individuals within organizational facilities.

Asset Monitoring and Control System

This ALM system helps OEM's improve customer satisfaction through proactive customer service, reduce maintenance costs through effective preventive maintenance and increase service margins using real time data acquired from operational assets.

Smart Lighting Management

Smart Lighting Platform helps implement connected operations for Smart Lighting operations. Vendors utilizing this solution can provide optimal lighting solutions to improve customer satisfaction through proactive customer service, control switch on/off operations remotely, manage luminosity controls of the lighting assets based on set parameters and increase service margins using real time data acquired from lightning controllers. 

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